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    About Us

    We will arrange a sale, purchase, or lease of real property for you.

    We are able to protect the interests of both sellers and buyers, we cooperate with a law firm that has specialization in commercial law.

    Expert assessments of properties to draw up with us cooperating expert witness in the field of property valuation.

    Arrange for you the financing of real estate.

    Energy performance certificates will be issued to us by the cooperating company that specializes in processing these licenses.

    Of course there is a free, non-binding consultation regarding the sale, purchase or lease.

    In the Czech Republic, we sell and provide sales and rental of commercial , residential and other properties . Real estate for sale and lease we have throughout the Czech Republic , among others, in popular locations of Prague city , the spa town of Karlovy Vary, Brno and also many other interesting sites. Arrange the sale of real estate elsewhere in Europe , such as the Slovak Republic and other neighboring states with the Czech Republic, Europe and Asia.

    We cooperate with many realtors and some ours items in our catalogue has been added with their courtesy.

    Historic buildings – palaces, castles and others historical buildings.
    Most of the offered historical buildings are in very good condition , other objects may be after the sale and subsequent refurbishment to adapt to the specific requirements of future owners .
    Hotels and boarding houses, motels , and other facilities for accommodation , restaurant.
    We sell hotels are ranked from the highest standard of five stars to three star hotels . Sold by small guesthouses are suitable , for example, the family business . Restaurants ranging from luxury , to the standard equipment. These objects are usually in operation or ready to launch .
    Apartment buildings and houses with several apartments , and also the premises.
    Sold homes are offered in many locations and different technical condition , renovated houses , to houses intended for reconstruction and rebuilding.

    Commercial buildings , factories, warehouses , industrial parks , office buildings.
    Here we offer , for example, objects from small storage areas to large complexes and industrial units .
    Flats , apartments , houses , villas .
    These properties sell at a different standard from the new buildings to renovate a property , to property held for its own reconstruction.

    Land , recreational facilities and other property.
    For sale we have lots of different nature , for example , construction , and other fields . Facilities for recreation sell , for example, in mountainous areas.

    If you are interested in buying a specific property in the Czech Republic, you send to us your specified request. We also sell properties that are not publicly presented . Some of the photos presented in real estate can only be illustrative , specified parameters sold real estate supply in particular interest. We will arrange for a property according to your requirements.

    Suplementy s BCAA pro svalový objem a sílu.